Remembering Arnold Palmer
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"Many things have been said and written about Arnold Palmer from people that knew him better than I and are more eloquent than I can convey. His contributions to the world of golf have been incredible, and he has also meant so much to college golf. His legacy teaches our student-athletes generosity and sportsmanship, as well as how to be a gentleman in the most fiery of competitions. Every college golf coach and college golfer is thankful to have had Arnold Palmer as an example of how the game should be played." Andrew Sapp, GCAA President.   

Arnold Palmer Cup Teams

Team USA


Team Europe

1.    Derek Bard    Virginia        1.    David Boote    Stanford    
2.    Charlie Danielson    Illinois       2.    Mathias Eggenberger    Stirling     
3.    Alistair Docherty    Chico State       3.    Stuart Grehan    Maynooth     
4.    Doug Ghim    Texas       4.    Sam Horsfield    Florida    
5.    Will Gordon    Vanderbilt       5.    Adrian Meronk    ETSU     
6.    Rico Hoey    USC       6.    Robin Petersson    Augusta     
7.    Michael Johnson    Auburn       7.    Antoine Rozner    UMKC     
8.    Nahum Mendoza III    San Diego State       8.    Matthias Schwab    Vanderbilt     
9.    Zach Wright    LSU       9.    Robin Sciot-Siegrist    Louisville    
10.    Will Zalatoris    Wake Forest       10.    Lars van Meijel    Memphis    
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