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Friday, June 17, 2016

United States Sweeps 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL

TOYOTA CITY, Japan – The United States (-36) shot its fourth-consecutive round below par to claim a nine-stroke victory over second place Germany (-27) in the Boys Division of the 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL in Toyota City, Aichi-Prefecture, Japan. It is the Americans’ eighth title but their first since 2005. Thailand took third place at 22-under, two shots clear of Korea and South Africa (-20) – who tied for fourth.Â

“It’s been a long time coming,” American captain J.R. Steinbauer said. “They really played their hearts out and never gave up. I’m very proud of them and – after 10 years – it’s nice to have the trophy again.”

Chile (-15) used a final round 201 (-12) to jump up to sixth – four strokes ahead of seventh place Sweden (-11). Defending champion Japan (-4) claimed the eighth spot while New Zealand and Norway tied for ninth at 1-under and Canada dropped to 11th at plus-1. Mexico (+11), the Netherlands (+22), Zimbabwe (+23) and Brazil (+37) rounded out the boys’ field.

Chile’s Joaquin Niemann – the 2015 runner-up – shot a tournament record 62 (-9) to claim the Boys Division individual title at 17-under. Dylan Naidoo of South Africa – the leader following the second and third rounds – fell to second place at minus-12. Five players – German teammates Marc Hammer and Max Schmitt, Sadom Kaewkajana of Thailand, Japan’s Takumi Kanaya and Norman Xiong of the United States – finished in a tie for third at 9-under. Four more competitors – Americans Austin Eckroat and Will Thomson, Kousuke Hamamoto of Thailand and Korea’s Kang Taeyoung – tied for eighth at minus-8.

The 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL is the world’s only junior golf championship in which 15 national teams – winners of regional qualifiers held across six continents and participated in by nearly 65 national teams – compete for the world championship.

For more information and photos, please visit www.wjgtc.org and follow the tournament’s official twitter account @wjgtc.


1. United States 206-202-202-206 = 816 (-36)
2. Germany 204-211-209-201 = 825 (-27)
3. Thailand 206-202-213-209 = 830 (-22)
T4. Korea 211-215-200-206 = 832 (-20)
T4. South Africa 210-207-206-209 = 832 (-20)
6. Chile 214-214-208-201 = 837 (-15)
7. Sweden 205-212-214-210 = 841 (-11)Â
8. Japan 206-219-210-213 = 848 (-4)
T9. New Zealand 222-215-211-203 = 851 (-1)
T9. Norway 212-216-214-209 = 851 (-1)
11. Canada 210-216-210-217 = 853 (+1)
12. Mexico 216-221-214-212 = 863 (+11)
13. Netherlands 220-214-221-219 = 874 (+22)
14. Zimbabwe 220-221-216-218 = 875 (+23)
15. Brazil 223-223-222-221 = 889 (+37)


1. Joaquin Niemann, Chile 68-71-66-62 = 267 (-17)
2. Dylan Naidoo, South Africa 66-68-65-73 = 272 (-12)
T3. Marc Hammer, Germany 66-72-69-68 = 275 (-9)
T3. Sadom Kaewkajana, Thailand 71-65-70-69 = 275 (-9)
T3. Takumi Kanaya, Japan 67-71-69-68 = 275 (-9)
T3. Max Schmitt, Germany 71-70-71-63 = 275 (-9)
T3. Norman Xiong, United States 69-73-67-66 = 275 (-9)
T8. Austin Eckroat, United States 72-65-69-70 = 276 (-8)
T8. Kousuke Hamamoto, Thailand 67-69-68-72 = 276 (-8)
T8. Kang Taeyoung, Korea 71-76-66-63 = 276 (-8)
T8. Will Thomson, United States 69-71-66-70 = 276 (-8)

T13. Matthew Wolff, United States 68-66-70-74= 278 (-6)


Thursday, June 16, 2016

United States Grabs Lead Heading into Final Round of Boys' Division of 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL

TOYOTA CITY, Japan-The boys’ competition, the United States shot its second-straight 202 (-11) to move to 29-under for the tournament and take an 11-stroke lead over second place Thailand (-18). South Africa (-16) is in third place, a shot ahead of Germany (-15). Korea had the day’s low round of 200 (-13) to move up into fifth place at minus-13.

“They’ve proven themselves to be a very consistent team,” American boys’ coach Jeff Roope said. “Once again they showed that they were resilient and put together a good team effort."

Sweden (-8) claims the sixth spot while defending champion Japan (-4) is in seventh, one shot ahead of Canada and Chile (-3). Norway sits in the 10th position at 3-over while New Zealand (+9), Mexico (+12), the Netherlands (+16), Zimbabwe (+18) and Brazil (+29) round out the boys’ field.

Dylan Naidoo of South Africa (-14) had the low round of the day (65) and currently holds a five-stroke lead in the boys’ individual competition. Thailand’s Kousuke Hamamoto and Matthew Wolff of the United States are tied for second at 9-under while 2015 runner-up Joaquin Niemann of Chile is in fourth at minus-8.

Five players – Americans Austin Eckroat and Will Thomson, Tony Gil of Canada, Thailand’s Sadom Kaewkajana and Oh Seungtaek of Korea – are in a logjam for fifth place at 7-under while Germany’s Marc Hammer and Takumi Kanaya of Japan (-6) are tied for 10th.

The final round of the 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL tees off Friday at 8:00 AM.


1. United States 206-202-202= 610 (-29)
2. Thailand 206-202-213=621 (-18)
3. South Africa 210-207-206
= 623 (-16)
4. Germany 204-211-209=624 (-15)
5. Korea 211-215-200
= 626 (-13)
6. Sweden 205-212-214=631 (-8)
7. Japan 206-219-210=635 (-4)
T8. Canada 210-216-210= 636 (-3)
T8. Chile 214-214-208=636 (-3)
10. Norway 212-216-214=642 (+3)
11. New Zealand 222-215-211
= 648 (+9)
12. Mexico 216-221-214
= 651 (+12)
13. Netherlands 220-214-221=655 (+16)
14. Zimbabwe 220-221-216=657 (+18)
15. Brazil 223-223-222=668 (+29)


1. Dylan Naidoo, South Africa (-14)
T2. Kousuke Hamamoto, Thailand (-9)
T2. Matthew Wolff, United States (-9)
4. Joaquin Niemann, Chile (-8)
T5. Austin Eckroat, United States (-7)
T5. Tony Gil, Canada (-7)
T5. Sadom Kaewkajana, Thailand (-7)
T5. Oh Seungtaek, Korea (-7)
T5. Will Thomson, United States (-7)
T10. Marc Hammer, Germany (-6)
T10. Takumi Kanaya, Japan (-6

T13. Norman Xiong, United States (-4)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

United States tied for the lead at the 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL

TOYOTA CITY, Japan -The United States and Thailand lead in the boys’ competition, both fired second-round 202s to tie for the lead at the halfway point, seven strokes ahead of third place Germany (-11). South Africa and Sweden are tied for fourth at 9-under while Japan finds itself in sixth at minus-1.

“The team talked about being resilient this morning; about only storing the good thoughts” United States coach Jeff Roope said. “It’s great to have that kind of leadership and also to have that kind of support. It was a very good team effort today.”

Canada and Korea are deadlocked in seventh place at even par, two strokes ahead of Chile and Norway (+2). The Netherlands (+8) holds the 11th spot while Mexico and New Zealand are tied for 12th at 11-over. Zimbabwe (+15) and Brazil (+20) close out the boys’ field.

South Africa’s Dylan Naidoo and Matthew Wolff of the United States currently sit atop the boys’ individual leaderboard at minus-8. A trio of players from Thailand – Kousuke Hamamoto, Sadom Kaewkajana and Atiruj Winaicharoenchai – are tied for third at 6-under.

Austin Eckroat of the United States (-5) sits alone in sixth place, a single stroke ahead of Germany’s Marc Hammer, Tony Gil of Canada and Takumi Kanaya of Japan (-4).

The third round of the 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL tees off Thursday at 7:30 AM with inclement weather expected, particularly in the afternoon. For more information – including photographs and videos from the round – please visit www.wjgtc.org and follow the tournament’s official twitter account @wjgtc.


T1. United States 206-202 = 408 (-18)
T1. Thailand 206-202 = 408 (-18)
3. Germany 204-211 = 415 (-11)
T4. South Africa 210-207 = 417 (-9)
T4. Sweden 205-212 = 417 (-9)
6. Japan 206-219 = 425 (-1)
T7. Canada 210-216 = 426 (-)
T7. Korea 211-215 = 426 (-)
T9. Chile 214-214 = 428 (+2)
T9. Norway 212-216 = 428 (+2)
11. Netherlands 220-214 = 434 (+8)
T12. Mexico 216-221 = 437 (+11)
T12. New Zealand 222-215 = 437 (+11)
14. Zimbabwe 220-221 = 441 (+15)
15. Brazil 223-223 = 446 (+20)


T1. Dylan Naidoo, South Africa 66-68 = 134 (-8)
T1. Matthew Wolff, United States 68-66 = 134 (-8)
T3. Kousuke Hamamoto, Thailand 67-69 = 136 (-6)
T3. Sadom Kaewkajana, Thailand 71-65 = 136 (-6)
T3. Atiruj Winaicharoenchai, Thailand 68-68 = 136 (-6)
6. Austin Eckroat, United States 72-65 = 137 (-5)
T7. Tony Gil, Canada 65-73 = 138 (-4)
T7. Marc Hammer, Germany 66-72 = 138 (-4)
T7. Takumi Kanaya, Japan 67-71 = 138 (-4)

T15 Will Thomson, USA 69-71=140 (-2)

T21 Norman Xiong, USA 69-73=142 (E)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

USA in Second Trails Germany By 2 After First Round

TOYOTA CITY, Japan– The United States shot -7 in the first round of the Toyota Junior Gold World Cup and currently sits tied for 3rd. The USA trails Germany who shot an opening-round 9-under 204 and 2nd place Sweden (-8) after the first day. Defending champion Japan, Thailand and the United States (-7) sit two strokes back tied for third place while Canada and South Africa share sixth place at minus-3.

“I’m very pleased with how the guys hung in there today,” United States coach Jeff Roope said, "we stayed focus on the game plan and need to start putting better. We did not finish well, but kept it together today."

Korea lays claim to the eighth position at 2-under, one shot ahead of Norway (-1). Chile holds the 10th spot at 1-over while Mexico finished in 11th at plus-3. The Netherlands and Zimbabwe (+7) are tied for 12th, ahead of New Zealand (+9) and Brazil (+10).

Canada’s Tony Gil shot 6-under 65 to take the lead in the boys’ individual competition, one stroke ahead of Marc Hammer of Germany and South Africa’s Dylan Naidoo (-5). Four players – Thailand’s Kousuke Hamamoto, Takumi Kanaya of Japan, Sweden’s Marcus Svensson and Timo Vahlenkamp of Germany – are tied for fourth after posting opening-round 67s (-4). Chile’s Joaquin Niemann, Pontus Nyholm of Sweden, Thailand’s Atiruj Winaicharoenchai, and the low score for the U.S., Matthew Wolff, sit in a tie for eighth at 3-under.

The second round of the 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL tees off Wednesday at 8:00 AM.


1. Germany 71-67-66 = 204 (-9)
2. Sweden 67-68-70 = 205 (-8)
T3. Japan 67-69-70 = 206 (-7)
T3. Thailand 68-71-67 = 206 (-7)
T3. United States 69-69-68 = 206 (-7)
T6. Canada 65-74-71 = 210 (-3)
T6. South Africa 66-69-75 = 210 (-3)
8. Korea 70-70-71 = 211 (-2)
9. Norway 70-72-70 = 212 (-1)
10. Chile 68-74-72 = 214 (+1)
11. Mexico 73-73-70 = 216 (+3)
T12. Netherlands 74-75-71 = 220 (+7)
T12. Zimbabwe 72-75-73 = 220 (+7)
14. New Zealand 73-72-77 = 222 (+9)
15. Brazil 77-75-71 = 223 (+10)


1. Tony Gil, Canada 32-33 = 65 (-6)
T2. Marc Hammer, Germany 32-34 = 66 (-5)
T2. Dylan Naidoo, South Africa 35-31 = 66 (-5)
T4. Kousuke Hamamoto, Thailand 31-36 = 67 (-4)
T4. Takumi Kanaya, Japan 34-33 = 67 (-4)
T4. Marcus Svensson, Sweden 35-32 = 67 (-4)
T4. Timo Vahlenkamp, Germany 34-33 = 67 (-4)
T8. Joaquin Niemann, Chile 34-34 = 68 (-3)
T8. Pontus Nyholm, Sweden 32-36 = 68 (-3)
T8. Atiruj Winaicharoenchai, Thailand 33-35 = 68 (-3)
T8. Matthew Wolff, United States 35-33 = 68 (-3)

T12 Norman Xiong 69 (-2)

T12 Will Thomson 69 (-2)

T29 Austin Eckroat 72 (+1)


TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup 2016 Supported by JAL Tees Off June 14

Boys’, Girls’ fields include teams from 19 countries, six continents

TOYOTA CITY, Japan – Eighty-seven of the world’s best junior golfers will descend upon Toyota City, Aichi-Prefecture, Japan, to represent their countries when the TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup 2016 Supported by JAL tees off on June 14.

The Chukyo Golf Club’s Ishino Course will once again play host to the 24th annual event – the third consecutive in which a girls’ competition is included.

“The executive committee is very excited to once again have the best junior golfers in the world participating in the TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup 2016 Supported by JAL,” Vice Chairman Eiji Tagashira said. “The Japanese teams – including defending boys’ champion Ren Okazaki – are once again very strong and eager to defend their titles.”

The TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup 2016 Supported by JAL is the world’s only junior golf championship in which 15 national teams – winners of regional qualifiers held across six continents and participated in by more than 65 national teams – compete for the world championship.

Defending champion Japan leads the boys’ field of 15 countries – Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, the United States and Zimbabwe.

The TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup 2016 Supported by JAL – which follows a four-players-count-three scores format in the boys’ competition and a three-players-count-two scores format in the girls’ competition – will consist of four rounds played June 14-17.

Host Japan – winner of the first two girls’ TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup titles – will be accompanied by Argentina, Australia, Italy, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Spain and the United States as the 2016 girls’ field expands to nine teams.

“We are enthused for the continued emphasis upon the girls’ competition and expansion of the girls’ field,” tournament committee Chairman William Kerdyk said. “That – combined with the talented players set to participate in both the boys’ and girls’ events – should make this one of the most competitive tournaments in our 24-year history.”

For more information, please visit www.wjgtc.org and for the video library – including the introduction video and interviews with former players – please visit http://wjgtc.org/japanese/movie/index.html.

TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup 2016 Supported by JAL

Boys Player Participants


Rohan Boettcher
Thomas Choi
Denis Kakimoto
Victor Pinto


Charles Belanger
A.J. Ewart
Tony Gil
Jack Simpson


Agustin Errazuriz
Pedro Larrain
Joaquin Niemann
Felipe Zilleruelo


Nick Bachem
Marc Hammer
Max Schmitt
Timo Vahlenkamp


Yuki Ikeda
Takumi Kanaya
Ren Okazaki
Taiga Sugihara


Cha Kangho
Oh Seungtaek
Jang Taehyeong
Kang Taeyoung


Isidro Benitez
Luis Carrera
Eduardo Carrete
Luis Garza


Jerry Ji
Koen Kouwenaar
Henry Lai
Nordin van Tilburg

New Zealand

Daniel Hillier
Harry Hillier
Inia Logan
Henry Spring


Markus Braadlie
Viktor Hovland
Kristoffer Reitan
Sander Stavnar

South Africa

Herman Loubser
Dylan Mostert
Dylan Naidoo
Marco Steyn


Johannes Axell
Albin Bergstrom
Pontus Nyholm
Marcus Svensson


Kosuke Hamamoto
Sadom Kaewkajana
Ekkarat Leksuwan
Atiruj Winaicharoenchai

United States

Austin Eckroat
Will Thomson
Matthew Wolff
Norman Xiong


David Amm
Justin Kersten
Bekithemba Ndlovu
Kieran Vincent

Girls Player Participants


Macarena Aguilera
Ela Anacona
Agustina Zeballos


Stefanie Hall
Becky Kay
Kathryn Norris


Angelica Moresco
Alessia Nobilio
Emilie Alba Paltrinieri


Hina Arakaki
Riri Sadoyama
Mone Inami


Jung Ahram
Kim Juyun
Kim Sojung


Evelyn Arguelles
Maria Balcazar
Isabella Fierro

South Africa

Danielle du Toit
Valerie Holland
Ivanna Samu


Maria Parra
Ana Pelaez
Marta Perez Sanmartin

United States

Alyaa Abdulghany
Kristen Gillman
Kaitlyn Papp

Team USA Selected for the 2016 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup Supported by JAL

Norman, Okla.- Golfers Austin Eckroat, Will Thomson, Matthew Wolff, and Norman Xiong, along with head coach Jeff Roope of Wittenberg University, will represent the United States at the TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup supported by JAL at Chuyko Golf Club’s Ishino Course in Toyota City, Japan. Team USA - which is supported by Nike Golf - has won the tournament five times since its inception in 1992 but has failed to claim the team title since 2005. The USA team finished fourth last year.

Roope, in his 9th season as head coach at Wittenberg, has advanced his teams to NCAA Division III Championship Tournaments in six straight years starting in 2010. He has been North Coast Athletic Conference Coach of the Year five times, and was also named Great Lakes Region Coach of the Year in 2014. Roope’s players have won the NCAC’s Bob Nye Award as the conference’s individual medalist six straight years, with Craig Osterbrock becoming the program’s first All-American in nearly 20 years with back-to-back awards in 2010 and 2011, followed by David Wetterich in 2012, and Alex Andrews in 2013. In 2014, Andrews, John Chaney and Ben Hoenkamp made the list, and in 2015, Andrews and Chaney were honored nationally. Roope has previously worked as Assistant Tournament Director with the Florida State Golf Association and as Assistant Caddiemaster at Muirfield Village Golf Club. A member of the GCAA All-America Committee, he is also former chair of the Great Lakes Regional Advisory Committee to the NCAA Division III men’s golf selection committee.

“I am extremely honored to have been selected to coach the Junior World Cup team for the United States,” said Roope. “The chance to represent my country in such a competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I could not be more excited. The opportunity to coach and collaborate with some of the best young talent in the United States is equally unique and a chance I’m looking forward to as much as the competition. What an amazing year to be part of international competition! With the Olympics and Ryder Cup being played in 2016, the interest in golf around the world might never be higher. I'm so excited to just play a small part in growing the game around the globe.”

Eckroat was the first and only freshman in Oklahoma history to be the Class 6A Individual State Champion. He was named to the 2015 AJGA Rolex All-America Second Team. He was the 2015 Scott Robertson Memorial Champion and broke the competitive course and tournament records with an 8-under 63 in the second round. Eckroat also broke the 54-hole championship scoring record at the 2015 Scott Robertson Memorial by four strokes. He was the 2015 Oklahoma Junior Amateur Champion and won his US Amateur Local Qualifier. Eckroat had a thrid-place finish at the 2015 AJGA Ping Invitational. “Being selected to represent the Red, White, & Blue is the greatest honor. I am looking forward to playing some great golf in Japan,” Eckroat said.

Thomson was named a Second Team Rolex Junior All-American for the 2015 AJGA season. He won the 2015 AJGA Chateau Elan Junior All-Star. In 2014, Thomson became the youngest ever qualifier in the history of the U.S. Amateur. He won the 2014 International Junior Masters and was the youngest champion in the 62-year history of the event. He also repeated as New York State Boys Amateur Champion in 2014 with a 21-stroke victory. “It is a great honor for me to have been selected to represent my country in the Junior Golf World Cup. I’m excited to be part of the team and to travel internationally to compete with the best junior golfers in the world,” said Thomson.

Wolff was the 2014 & 2015 Toyota Tour Cup Championship winner at Sandpiper Golf Club. He collected victories from the Toyota Tour Cup at River Ridge Golf Club, Olivas Links Golf Club, and Alisal River Course in 2014. He was also the champion at the AJGA JAS at Tanglewood Park Championship Golf Course. Wolff has been named to the 2015 Wyndham Cup West Team, 2015 SCPGA Challenge Cup Team, and the 2014 & 2015 SCPGA All Southern California Team. He received the 2015 SCPGA Curtis Cup Award, 2014 SCPGA Ralph Miller Award, and was named 2014 Toyota Tour Cup Player of the Year. He was a part of Westlake High School’s 2014 & 2015 State Championship teams. “It is extremely humbling being selected out of so many amazing junior golfers in the USA. It’s going to be a challenge playing in a foreign country but I’m looking forward to competing and showcasing my talents against all the top junior golfers from around the world,” Wolff said.

Xiong was the 2014 & 2015 Toyota Tour Cup Champion at The Golf Club of La Quinta. He also collected wins from the 2015 Toyota Tour Cup at Saboba Springs and Morongo Legends Courses. Xiong was the 2014 Toyota Tour Cup winner at Red Hawk Temecula. In 2014, Xiong had AJGA tournament wins at Mill River Foundation, Sunriver Bend, and Nike JAS Invitational at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club. He received selections to the 2015 Wyndham Cup West Team, 2015 SCPGA Challenge Cup Team, and was named a 2014 & 2015 AJGA 2nd Team All American, and 2014 Gary Gilcrest AJGA All American. He is the winner of the 2015 SCPGA Ralph Miller Award and 2014 SCPGA Curtis Cup Award. He was also a 2015 Southern California High School Champion. “It's an honor to be selected as one of the few to represent the USA in such a world class event,” Xiong says.

The Junior Golf World Cup, which follows a four-players-count-three scores format, will consist of four rounds played June 14-17. The TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup 2016 Supported by JAL is the world’s only junior golf championship in which national teams, winners of regional qualifiers held across 6 continents and participated by more than 60 national squads, compete for the world champion trophy.