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To find any past award recipients, please use the following search tool. Fill in any or all of the following information and click 'search' for a list of award winners that meet your criteria. When searching by name, simply place in the last name you are searching for.

Award Name:
Full Name:
Award Name Division University Full Name Year
Regional Team I Stanford 2016
Regional Team I Oklahoma State 2016
Regional Team I Texas 2016
Regional Team I Illinois 2016
Regional Team I Arizona State 2016
Regional Team II St. Thomas Aquinas 2016
Regional Team II Lynn 2016
Regional Team II Chico State 2016
All-American Scholar I Siena Scott Kim 2016
Regional Medallist I Georgia Greyson Sigg 2016
Regional Medallist I Stanford Franklin Huang 2016
Regional Medallist I Oklahoma State Kristoffer Ventura 2016
Regional Medallist I Houston Michael Perras 2016
Regional Medallist I Ohio State Tee-k Kelly 2016
Regional Medallist I Arizona State Jon Rahm 2016
Regional Medallist II St. Thomas Aquinas Christoper Gentle 2016
Regional Medallist II Illinois-Springfield Talon Supak 2016
Regional Medallist II Lynn Manuel Torres 2016
Regional Medallist II Oklahoma Christian Sam Johnston 2016
All-Nicklaus Team Saint Leo University Hugo Bernard 2016

The GCAA National Office is continually in the process of compiling and processing the records of the honors and awards. If you have information you think may help the association, contact us at info@collegiategolf.com.