Eric McGrath


Eric McGrath is a born entrepreneur. He started in business by the age of eight, selling his mother’s cookbooks door-to-door. McGrath was always a shoe-in for his school and sports fundraiser sales competitions. He loved winning people over, and the thrill of claiming the grand prize drove him to succeed.

In college, Eric continued developing his sales and managerial skills by selling an energy-saving device door-to-door. His business sense and leadership kicked in when he recruited and trained his roommates to sell the device as well.

After college, McGrath owned a retail chain specializing in sales. He opened offices and trained sales teams all over the country. He ended up in Las Vegas, where he started an innovative advertising company linking new homeowners with subcontractors during Vegas’ housing development boom.

After selling his advertising business, he went to work for Rapport Leadership International. For the next eight years, McGrath would excel in all areas of organizational development, management, facilitation, and sales team training. Eric became Director of Business Development for Rapport, and earned certifications in Predictive Index, Innermetrix/DISC, and became Master Certified in Experiential Training.

While working for Rapport, Eric met his amazing wife Mary. The two of them eventually set off to realize their collective entrepreneurial dreams by co-creating Driven For Life.