Junior Golf World Cup - 2016 Team Blog

Junior Golf World Cup

Day 4: Tuesday, June 14
Today was the first round of the tournament. After a long bus ride we arrived at the golf course and ate breakfast and warmed up before the round began. The team shot -7 and are tied for third place, 2 shots out of first. We watched a movie once we got home and ate dinner.
Day 2: Sunday, June 12
The second day was just as exciting. We woke up at around 5:30am to catch the 6 o'clock bus. We had breakfast at the course and then played in a junior am with all the sponsors who helped run the tournament. It was so much fun playing with people from other countries and learning about their jobs and responsibilities for the tournament.
After the round, we all cheered on Norman as he competed in the long drive contest.
We rode the bus home, then jogged over to Starbucks.
At night, we went into the game room to throw the football, play ping pong, and listen to music.
Looking forward to the rest of the trip!!
Day 1: Saturday, June 11
After a quick breakfast and Starbucks run, the team went to a local middle school, where we learned about their culture and activities. We participated in Kendo and traditional dances. After the activities, we ate lunch with the middle schoolers and talked about the golf course and their lives at school.
After we said our goodbyes, we traveled over to the golf course for our 9 hole practice round.
Around 7:20, we ate dinner with the team and other international players, soon running to 7/11 to spend some yen.
Now we are spending time in the Entertainment room until it is time to go to bed.