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GCAA Hall of Fame

In 1980, the GCAA began inducting outstanding college golf coaches into the Hall of Fame. Since then, the hall has grown to include more tha 135 members. To be selected to the Hall of Fame, a coach must be nominated by his peers, and then selected by the GCAA Hall of Fame Committee. Selection criteria not only include a coach's record on the golf course, but his contributions to the game, student-athletes and school.

Living members of the Hall of Fame are eligible to receive the GCAA's highest coaching honor, the Honor Award. The Honor Award is presented, in cooperation with the College Golf Foundation as Associate Presenting Sponsor, to coaches who during their careers, competed at a high level and greatly impacted collegiate golf.

In January 2002, the late Karsten Solheim, founder of PING golf equipment and Karsten Manufacturing became the first non-coach to be accepted into the Hall of Fame. Solheim was honored posthumously with the inaugural GCAA Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to college golf and its student athletes. Other honorees include Byron Nelson, recipient in 2004, Arnold Palmer (2007), Jack Nicklaus (2008), Friends of Golf (2010), Jim Awtrey (2015), and Jim Nantz (2016).

Honor Award

GCAA Hall of Fame

Last Name First Name University/College Year Inducted
Alexander Buddy Florida 2001
Allen Dr. Garland Gardner-Webb 2017
Alpers Bob St. John's (Minn.) 2010
Awtrey Jim Lifetime Achievement 2015
Bagley Earl Columbus State 1999
Balicki Ron Golfweek 2010
Bishop Buster Florida 1982
Blackmon Puggy South Carolina 2004
Blaser Kyle Oklahoma City 2010
Blosser Kermit Ohio 1980
Boles Maxie Central Alabama CC 2009
Bolstad Les Minnesota 1980
Boulet Prof. Arthur Bryant 2011
Bounds O.D. Texas Wesleyan 2009
Bourne Walter Princeton 2018
Boyle Joe Penn State 1987
Brennan Tom Coastal Carolina 1997
Brockbank Bruce BYU 2015
Brogden Bill Tulsa 1991
Brouse Devon Purdue 2009
Brown Jim Ohio State 1989
Brown Tim Skidmore 2001
Carson Bill Youngstown State 1990
Carlisle Michael South Carolina-Aiken 2010
Chavez Paul Odessa College 2017
Choate Ronnie Sam Houston State 2009
Clark Vince McLenan Community College 2016
Clayton Jimmy Texas 1998
Cobb Fred North Texas 1980
Cole J. Perry LSU 2012
Condon Steve Jefferson Davis State/Huntingdon 2014
Conley Steve Methodist 2006
Copas Dick Georgia 1993
Cornett Bobby Texas Wesleyan 2010
Cottrell Ed West Chester State 1991
Cromer Roger Miami (Ohio) 1995
Cronin Frank Maryland 1987
Cullum Bill Cal State - Northridge 1989
Desimone Steve California 2010
Donnelly Ed Vermont 1981
Dragoin Dr. Sonny Auburn 1998
Drennan Tom Rhode Island 2007
Ellis Bob Texas A&M 1997
Feaganes Joe Marshall 1998
Fell Steve West Florida 2017
Ferrill Herb North Texas State 1985
Fields John Texas/New Mexico 2012
Finger Bud Stanford 1980
Fitch Robert Indiana 1995
Fossum Bruce Michigan State 1985
Friends of Golf   Lifetime Achievement 2010
Gardner Bill Walters State 2014
Goodwin Wally Stanford 2000
Gordin Dr. Dick Ohio Wesleyan 1980
Gordin Doug Florida Southern 2000
Griffin Mike Auburn 1999
Grost Gregg Lamar/Oklahoma 2006
Haack Chris Georgia 2012
Haddock Jesse Wake Forest 1981
Hagen Mike Arkansas State/Indian Hills 2018
Hagler Dumpy Duke 1982
Hannon George Texas 1982
Hanny Jim Cal State-Stanislaus 1992
Hardwick Jay Virginia Tech 2007
Harris, Sr. Labron Oklahoma State 1980
Hart Gary PING 2011
Heppler Bruce Georgia Tech 2013
Hewitt Raymond "Buddy" Murray State 2001
Higgins JT Texas A&M 2015
Holderith Rev. George Notre Dame 1985
Hollis Howell Georgia 1981
Horgan Floyd Brevard CC/Centenary 2010
Hrnciar Jerry Cameron 2012
Huet Tim TaylorMade | adidas 2014
Hyland Ken Malone 2011
Jacobson George Salem State 1996
Jarrett Vince Abilene Christian/Houston 2011
Jennings Dave Central Alabama 2013
Jensen Jack Guilford 2007
Johnson Bill Dartmouth 1990
Kelly Vic UCLA 1983
Keplar Bob Ohio State 1980
Knight Dwaine UNLV 2002
Laesch Mark Golfstat 2017
LaRose Rick Arizona 2002
Lein Randy Arizona State 2008
Loy Steve Arizona State 2009
Lukas Lowell Central Conecticut State 1992
Luther Clyde USGA/NCAA Rules 2012
MacDonald John Temple 1996
Mann Bill Arizona State 1988
Marsee Bud Broward Community College 2013
Matlock Charley Florida Southern 1991
McDonald Andy Southwestern Missouri State 1983
McGraw Mike Baylor/Alabama/Oklahoma State 2016
McGuire Dick New Mexico 1980
Means John Colorado State/Army/Minnesota/Idaho 2013
Merrins Eddie UCLA 1992
Miller Willie Furman 2006
Miranda Gene U.S. Air Force Academy 1997
Morrison Hal East Carolina/East Tennessee State 1988
Mussatto Harry Western Illinois 2012
Myers Rod Duke 1986
Nantz Jim Lifetime Achievement 2016
Nelson Byron Lifetime Achievement 2004
Nicklaus Jack Lifetime Achievement 2008
Nye Bob Wooster 1988
Owen Jim Oglethorpe 2013
Page Herb Kent State 2003
Palmer Arnold Lifetime Achievement 2007
Patty E.K. Middle Tennesse State 1986
Payseur Ted Northwestern 1980
Penick Harvey Texas 1986
Penley Larry Clemson 2003
Poe Richard Missouri 2014
Poe Tim Central Missouri 2016
Poss Delnor Midland 2009
Prisco Joe Providence 1987
Ray Conrad Stanford 2017
Rehling Conrad Alabama 1980
Reis John USGA/NCAA Rules 2018
Rodenhaver Barry Odessa/SMU/Collegiate Players Tour 2012
Russell Jimmy Odessa College 2011
Scott Frank San Diego State 1980
Seawell Jay Alabama/Augusta State 2016
Simpson Mark Colorado 2004
Skoog Whitey Gustavus Adolphus 2014
Small Mike Illinois 2016
Solheim Karsten Lifetime Achievement 2001
Spears Guy Eaton/Golf Pride 2013
Spybey Dick Alabama 2016
Stobs Jimmy Barry 2015
Sundstrom Norman A. Allegheny 2004
Sykes Richard NC State 2000
Terry Sandy Lon Morris/Tyler Junior College 2015
Thompson Ben Yale 2009
Trueblood Thomas Michigan 2013
Tucker Karl Brigham Young 1983
Twiggs Eddie Stanford 2004
Veller Don Florida State 1989
Vincent O.D. Washington/UCLA/Duke 2014
Voinoff Sam Purdue 1980
Vroom Jerry San Jose State 1981
Warren Fred East Tennessee State 2003
Watney Mike Fresno State 2006
Williams Dave Houston 1980
Wimberly Herb New Mexico State 1985
Wood Stan Southern California 1980
Wydra Mike UC San Diego 2011
Yestingsmeier Earl Ball State 1994