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August 2008
By Clyde Luther

The best round you ever had in a competition is no better than the score card you sign for. Many players do not realize the importance of making positively sure that the scorecard they return is correct in all terms; that means that that every score in each of the 18 holes is correct and that the card has both your signature and has also been attested by your marker.

In addition, although not on the scorecard, you must inform the scorer at the end of the round if you played a second ball in accordance with Rule 3-3 even if you scored the same with both balls.  It must be done.

Now back to the card.  If you record a score for a hole lower than what you actually had and do not correct it before leaving the scoring area you will be disqualified.  On the other hand, if you record a score that is higher than you actually had you must live with it. Also, remember that the player is not responsible for the addition of the hole by hole scores; that is the responsibility of the Committee, i.e.: the scorer.  Many players add their scores up...not necessary because the Committee will do that.

One last point:  Rule 6-6b points out that the scorecard must be returned as soon as possible.  This does not allow a player to stop by for lengthy interviews, go to the locker room to change shoes or go to the bar for refreshments.  The penalty for not observing this Rule is Disqualification.

Not observing Rule 6-6 can mean winning or losing a tournament.  Remember, it's not over till it's over.


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