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School First Name Last Name Member Since
Air Force Academy Bill Sullivan 2003
Alabama, University of Michael Webb 2004
Allegheny College Jack Steiger 2004
Anderson University Andrew Walukonis 2003
Arizona, University of John Knauer 1995
Arkansas, Little Rock, University of Shane McClung 2004
Arkansas, University of Grant Oswalt 2003
Armstrong Atlantic State University Eddie Aenchbacher 2000
Auburn University Ryan Cabbage 1999
Berry College Blake Smart 2004
Boston College Peter Powers 2004
Butler University Ben Weaver 1998
California, University of - Berkeley Walter Chun 2002
Central College Tom Linton 1999
Coastal Carolina University Brian Ashley 1999
Columbus State University Brian Padgett 2001
Concord University Deonnie Niles 2004
Denison University Rodney Butt 2004
Duke University Jim Kubinski 2003
Farmingdale State University Mike Montagnino 2001
Florida Gulf Coast University John-Paul Meyer 2004
Florida, University of Josh McCumber 2003
Georgia Institute of Technology Brandon Goethals 2001
Georgia Southern Univerity Christian Newton 2003
Georgia, University of Jim Douglas 2004
Harvard University John Gordon 2004
Indiana University Josh Brewer 2002
James Madison University Duff Meyer 2002
Johnson & Wales University Brad Adamonis 2003
Kansas, University of Roy Edwards 2000
Kennesaw State University Tom Losinger 2003
Kentucky, University of Dan Utley 2003
LaVerne, University of Derek Bedell 2001
Lewis Clark State College Steve Tilden 2004
Louisiana State University Mark McEntire 2002
Michigan State University Casey Lubahn 2004
Michigan, University of Doug Gross 2002
Middle Tennessee State University Whit Turnbow 2002
Minnesota, Crookston, University of Brad Heppner 2000
Minnesota, University of Andrew Tank 2002
NC State University Brad Garner 2003
New Mexico, University of Ryan Murphy 2001
North Carolina, University of Don Hill 2003
Northwestern Universiry Erik Ciotti 2002
Notre Dame, University of Chris Whitten 2003
Nova Southeastern University Diego Fernandez 2004
Oglethorpe University Adam Pry 2004
Ohio State University Josh Hellmann 2002
Oklahoma City University Marty McCauley 2002
Oklahoma State University Alan Bratton 2004
Oklahoma, University of Donnie Darr 2001
Oregon State University Anjeanette Brown 2004
Penn State University Adam Decker 2004
Presbyterian College Tommy Addison, III 2004
Sonoma State University Russ Gardiner 2003
South Carolina, Unviersity of Michael Burcin 2004
South Carolina, Unviersity of Curt Sanders 2003
South Dakota, University of Jenny Chandler 2003
St. Edwards University Tyson Tidwell 2004
St. Thomas Aquinas College Mike Laudien 2003
Tennessee-Chattanooga, University of Mark Guhne 2003
Texas A&M University Chris Gougenheim 2002
Texas, University of Steve Keasler 2003
Tiffin University Ryan Kossick 2004
Troy State University Josh McLendon 2004
Vanderbilt University Craig Dunlap 2004
Wake Forest University Chris Yoder 2004
Washington State University Ryan Reesa 2004
Washington, University of Jon Reehoorn 2004
Xavier University Tom Elfers 2004



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