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Wednesday, Jan. 24

GCAA Convention Day Three Recap
Junior Golf Forum

Mac Thayer, Junior Golf Scoreboard - Discussed the initiative for creating a system of categorizing reasons for WDs to be used nationally at junior events.  Hopes this will encourage players to not quit and make coaches aware of reasons for tournament withdrawals.

Art Andrews, IJGT - Discussed its conduct policy for both spectators and juniors.  The IJGT feels this helps develop good sportsmanship and good citizenship for those competing in its events.

Bob Baker, Plantation Tour - Has a system that shows negative numbers on website that denotes No Shows and WDs.  This system also denotes DQs for non-Rules of Golf violations (unsportsmanlike conduct, knowingly breaking Rules, improper use of electronic devices, etc.).  The Plantation Tour also strongly emphasizes pace of play.  

Chris Childers, PGA Junior Series - Gave overview of PGA Junior Series operations and expressed his desire to continue to improve relationship between PGA Junior Series and college golf.  Discussed the pace of play issue and how it is important from its point of view to instill policy to encourage appropriate.

Steven Hamblin, AJGA ? The AJGA feels a moral and ethical obligation to the sport to help golfers develop as people and also give them to the opportunities to develop their games to play at highest level.  The has AJGA code of conduct for players and staff and feels by following this policy can serve as role models for those competing on the tour.  Addressed was the AJGA has developed the Care for the Course initiative, the Youth Leadership Program with the USGA and other policies help young golfers develop as people through golf.

Jack Hobson, FCWT ? Discussed the FCWT?s code of conduct.

Recruiting Calendar?s possible effect on recruiting juniors-
Hamblin felt that it worked for other sports and would be good for coaches and players to know the recruiting schedule if one was implemented so each side would know when contact would be permissible.  He also felt it would benefit the members of the AJGA staff.  Others commented that it would not effect their tours, but coaches would need to consider how it would effect junior golfers.

Course set-up for junior events-
The tours set courses up to be a challenge for players and felt that even when competing on shorter courses that course set-up (green speed, rough length, etc.) would allow to create a challenge for competitors.