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Tee Times Set for First Round at TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup

Monday, June 15, 2009


Tee Times Set for First Round at TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup

TOYOTA CITY, Japan ? Opening Round tee times have been set for the 2009 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup supported by JAL. The event will be played for the fifth-consecutive year at the 6,942-yard, par 71 Chukyo Golf Club?s Ishino Course.

The United States will be in the first four tee times paired with Portugal. T.J. Vogel will be the first American at 8:00 am. He will be followed by Brinson Paolini at 8:10 am, Evan Beck at 8:20 am and Jeffrey Kang with the final U.S. tee time at 8:30 am.

Uruguay, South Africa and Japan will tee off between 8:40-9:10 am; Argentina, Sweden, Chinese Taipei at 9:20-9:50 am; Canada, Norway and Korea from 10:00-10:30 am; and Mexico, Australia and England in the final tee times at 10:40-11:10 am.

2009 TOYOTA Junior Golf World Cup supported by JAL

Opening Round Tee Times
Tuesday, June 16

8:00 am     
T.J. Vogel, United States
Pedro Figueiredo, Portugal

8:10 am    
Brinson Paolini, United States
Miguel Gaspar,  Portugal

8:20 am    
Evan Beck, United States
Tiago Rodrigues, Portugal

8:30 am
 Jeffrey Kang, United States
 Jose Maria Joia, Portugal

8:40 am
 Agustin Tarigo, Uruguay
 Shaun Smith, South Africa
 Tomohiro Umeyama, Japan

8:50 am    
Santiago Huisman, Uruguay
Haydn Porteous, South Africa
Hiroki Mori, Japan

9:00 am    
Juan Alvarez, Uruguay
Riekus Nortje, South Africa    
Shingo Ito, Japan

9:10 am    
Alvaro Vargas, Uruguay
JG Claassen, South Africa    
Hideki Matsuyama, Japan

9:20 am    
Tomas Cocha, Argentina
Niclas Carlsson, Sweden
Chien-Yao Hung, Chinese Taipei

9:30 am    
Andres Schombaum, Argentina   
Robin Kokocinski, Sweden    
Tao Huang, Chinese Taipei

9:40 am    
Leandro Marelli, Argentina
Joakim Lagergren, Sweden    
Fei-Hao Yang, Chinese Taipei

9:50 am    
Jorge Fernandez Valdes, Argentian
Magnus Bruhn, Sweden    
Chi-Hsien Hsieh, Chinese Taipei

10:00 am    
Albin Choi, Canada
Elias Bertheussen, Norway    
Kyoung-Hoon Lee, Korea

10:10 am    
Richard Jung, Canada
Mathias Schjolberg, Norway    
Chang-Won Han, Korea

10:20 am    
Julien Goulet, Canada
Aksel Olsen, Norway    
Byung-Joo Park, Korea

10:30 am    
Mitchell Sutton, Canada
Ole Ramsnes, Norway    
Sang-Hee Lee, Korea

10:40 am    
Santiago Gavino, Mexico
Cameron Smith, Australia    
Thomas Lewis, England

10:50 am    
Sebastian Vazquez, Mexico
Jordan Zunic, Australia    
Max Smith, England

11:00 am    
Carlos Ortiz, Mexico   
Nathan Holman, Australia    
Christopher Lloyd, England

11:10 am    
Roberto Ballesteros, Mexico   
Luke Humphries, Australia    
Jonathan Bell, England