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Dr. Gary Gray, PT, FAFS, NG360° GPS, is the co-director of NG360° Functional Performance System, the CEO of Gray Institute, and co-developer of GIFT. Gary is known as the "Father of Function and Human Performance" and is the creator of the highly acclaimed Chain Reaction Seminar Series, Functional Video Digest Series, Fast Function Digest Series, and the Free2Play 3D Movement Literacy System.

A Brief Description of Dr. Gray's Presentation:

An introduction to the NG360° Functional Performance System powered by Gray Institute. NG360° FPS is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at any skill level.

NG360° FPS was designed to push the threshold of human performance. The status quo was challenged, traditional techniques and conventional thoughts were thrown out the window. NG360° FPS starts with the truth of human movement and the golf swing.

The presentation will outline the significant differences between what currently has been taught in performance training for golfers to what is utilized by NG360° to empower and encourage all of our golfers.

With an opportunity to fully appreciate how to better ourselves as coaches in order to better our athletes.