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Spencer Dennis is the CEO and Co-Founder of Edufii. Spencer has a true passion for the world of skill development that is anchored in his experience not only as an Athlete (collegiate & professional Golf) but as a Professional Coach for the past 10 years. Spencer has spent time as a Director of Instruction, Lead Coach at a Top Tier Junior Academy, University Consultant and Coach to Elite Jrs, Collegiate Players and Professionals.

Edufii was born out of Spencer's goals as a Coach to communicate and connect more effectively with his Athletes, their other Coaches and Fans (ie. Parents). Coaching 40-50 hours per week and then using email, text, video analysis, Facebook etc. another 40-50 hours a week to connect was not only highly inefficient but lead to frustration on all sides. Now, through Edufii's integrated Technology Spencer strives to revolutionize coaching relationships, progress tracking, and the recruiting process while empowering those that want to be their best."

See spencer's presentation at our GCAA National Convention; "Coaching in the Cloud: The Future of Recruiting, Training, and Winning Championships".

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