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Obviously, Geoff Miller of Winning Mind - who was a presenter for a joint session with the NGCA at this year's convention - was well received by our coaches.  The topics that he discussed are applicable to all coaches and student-athletes who strive for success and an edge over their competition.  Based on comments that the GCAA staff and I have received during and after convention, several coaches see a strong benefit in working with Geoff.  Anyone that would like additional information on the Winning Mind should follow the link below.

Gregg Grost
Executive Director

The ability to maintain focus, control emotions and work effectively with others is often the difference between winning and losing.  Winning Mind, LLC ( is a high-performance consulting group dedicated to helping people dramatically improve their ability to perform under pressure and achieve meaningful goals.  WM helps organizations and individuals who recognize the importance of human factors in the pursuit of excellence.  WM clients include Olympic and professional athletes, the US Army Special Operations Command at Ft. Bragg, and Fortune 500 executives.

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