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Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship :: First Round Results

Opening Round Action Concludes at the Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship
Second round suspended due to darkness

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. ? Top-seeded Florida and third-seeded Clemson sailed into the second round in at the Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship but the story of the first round was No. 15 seed NC State upsetting second-seeded UCLA. The second round was suspended due to darkness with only two matches having been decided.

NC State, who has only one top 10 finish this fall, defeated the UCLA, 4-1. The Bruins had won three tournaments this season with three separate individuals having earned medallist honors but the Wolfpack won all of their matches by 2 and 1 or better.

Florida and Clemson also scored four points in their first round matches, each winning 4-0-1. Florida downed No. 16 seed Wichita State while Clemson topped Auburn, the No. 14 seed.

The only other upset of the day belonged to UNLV who defeated Arizona State, 2-2-1. The Rebels won the match by the team tiebreaker of total holes won, 6-5.

In other first round action Texas, Georgia and Georgia Tech defeated Augusta State, Arizona and Southern California by 3-2 scores and Oklahoma State downed Wake Forest, 3-1-1.

In the only second round matches completed, UNLV edged Clemson, 3-2, and UCLA eliminated Wake Forest, 3-1-1.

Action will resume Saturday morning at 9 a.m. with the completion of the second round followed by the third round.

2003 Men's Hooters Collegiate Match Play Championship
First Round Results
Nov. 7, 2003

(1) Florida def. (16) Wichita State, 4-0-1
Matt Every (Florida) def. Judd Easterling (Wichita State), 5 and 4

Brett Stegmaier (Florida) def. Ty Cline (Wichita State), 1-up
Camilo Villegas (Florida) def. John May (Wichita State), 5 and 3
Jesse Mudd (Florida) halved Jesse Schulte (Wichita State)
Ryan Cochran (Florida) def. Cameron Bishop (Wichita State), 1-up

(8) Texas def. (16) Augusta State, 3-0-2
Jason Hartwick (Texas) def. James Heath (Augusta State), 3 and 2
Matthew Rosenfeld (Texas) halved Emmett Turner (Augusta State)
Jeff Bell (Texas) halved Scott Jamieson (Augusta State)
Rusty Kennedy (Texas) def. Kalle Edberg (Augusta State), 2-up
Shaun Goodwin (Texas) def. Wallace Booth (Augusta State), 5 and 4

(4) Georgia def. (13) Arizona, 3-2
Chris Nallen (Arizona) def. Jason Hodges (Georgia), 2 and 1
Nathan Lashley (Arizona) def. Ryan Hybl (Georgia), 3 and 1
Richard Scott (Georgia) def. Henry Liaw (Arizona), 6 and 5
Brendon Todd (Georgia) def. Josh Esler (Arizona), 4 and 2
Chris Kirk (Georgia) def. Blaine Peffley (Arizona), 6 and 4

(5) Georgia Tech def. (12) Southern California, 3-2
Roberto Castro (Georgia Tech) def. Tyler Ley (Southern California), 1-up
Kevin Larsen (Georgia Tech) def. Ben Hayes (Southern California), 5 and 4
Thomas Jordan (Georgia Tech) def. Taylor Wood (Southern California), 3 and 1
Nico Bollini (Southern California) def. Michael Barbosa (Georgia Tech), 3 and 2
Joshua Wooding (Southern California) def. Chan Wongluekiet (Georgia Tech), 1-up

(3) Clemson def. (14) Auburn 4-0-1
Matt Hendrix (Clemson) def. Jonathan Dismuke (Auburn), 6-5
Jack Ferguson (Clemson) def. Stuart Moore (Auburn), 4 and 2
Gregg Jones (Clemson) def. Andrew Medley (Auburn), 2-up

Brent Delahoussaye (Clemson) def. Jay Moseley (Auburn), 1-up
Brian Duncan (Clemson) def. Michael Daniels (Auburn)

(11) UNLV def. (6) Arizona State, 2-2-1*
Travis Whisman (UNLV) def. Chez Reavie (Arizona State), 2 and 1
Alejandro Canizares (Arizona State) def. Ryan Keeney (UNLV), 1-up
Ryan Moore (UNLV) def. Ben Flam (Arizona State), 4 and 2
Jesse Mueller (Arizona State) def. J.C. Deacon (UNLV), 3 and 2
Andres Gonzales (UNLV) def. Pat Moore (Arizona State)
*UNLV won team tiebreaker of winning margin in other matches 6-5

(7) Oklahoma State def. (10) Wake Forest, 3-1-1
Zack Robinson (Oklahoma State) halved Bill Haas (Wake Forest
Tyler Leon (Oklahoma State) def. Sean Moore (Wake Forest), 2 and 1
Chris Clarke (Oklahoma State) def. Kyle Reifers (Wake Forest), 4 and 3
Chad Wilcox (Wake Forest) def. Alex Noren (Oklahoma State), 1-up
Dayton Rose (Oklahoma State) def. Barr Blanton (Wake Forest), 6-5

(15) NC State def. (2) UCLA, 4-1
Garry Hill (NC State) def. Steve Conway (UCLA), 2 and 1
Roy Moon (UCLA) def. Stephen Lewton (NC State), 2 and 1
Jerry Richardson (NC State) def. John Merrick (UCLA), 2 and 1
Fernando Mechereffe (NC State) def. John Poucher (UCLA), 4 and 3
Wesley Horne (NC State) def. Travis Johnson, 3 and 2

Second Round Matchups/Results
Nov. 7, 2003

Winners Bracket
(1) Florida vs. (8) Texas (Florida Leads, 3-2)
(4) Georgia vs. (5) Georgia Tech (All Square, 2-2-1)
(11) UNLV def. (3) Clemson, 3-2
Matt Hendrix (Clemson) def. Travis Whisman (UNLV), 5 and 4

Ryan Keeney (UNLV) def. Jack Ferguson (Clemson), 4 and 3
Ryan Moore (UNLV) def. Gregg Jones (Clemson), 6 and 5
Brent Delhoussaye (Clemson) def. J.C. Deacon (UNLV), 2-1
Andres Gonzales (UNLV) def. Brian Duncan (Clemson), 4

(7) Oklahoma State vs. (15) NC State (NC State Leads, 3-2)

Consolation Bracket
(9) Augusta State vs. (16) Wichita State (Wichita State Leads, 2-1-2)
(12) Southern California vs. (13) Arizona (Arizona Leads, 4-0-1)
(6) Arizona State vs. (14) Auburn (Arizona State Leads, 4-1)
(2) UCLA def. (10) Wake Forest, 3-1-1
Steve Conway (UCLA) halved Bill Haas (Wake Forest)

Sean Moore (Wake Forest) def. Roy Moon (UCLA), 5-3
John Merrick (UCLA) def. Kyle Reifers (Wake Forest), 2-1
John Poucher (UCLA) def. Chad Wilcox (Wake Forest), 4 and 2
Travis Johnson (UCLA) def. Doug Manchester (Wake Forest), 3 and 2