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NCAA Rules on Assistant Coaches Coaching During Team Competition

NCAA Rules on Assistant Coaches Coaching During Team Competition

NORMAN, Okla. ? The NCAA Men?s Golf Committee has announced that assistant coaches will not be allowed to coach during NCAA team competitions.

A letter sent to the Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) by the NCAA stated the following:
The men?s golf committee had a conference call this week to make a decision on whether or not it would be permissible for a second coach to provide advice. After much debate, a decision was made to continue with the current advice rule as stated within the USGA Rules of Golf. Therefore, any tournaments that allow the use of two coaches, including using an assistant coach as a caddie, will not be considered for selection purposes to the regionals."

The note to Rule 8-1 in the USGA Rules of Golf states:
"The Committee may, in the conditions of a team competition (Rule 33-1), permit each team to appoint one person who may give advice (including pointing out a line for putting) to members of that team. The Committee may establish conditions relating to the appointment and permitted conduct of that person, who must be identified to the Committee before giving advice."

"On behalf of the GCAA, I?d like to thank the NCAA Men?s Golf Committee for the opportunity to participate in this debate," said GCAA President Tom Drennan. "It was a subject that sparked much debate among our membership and will lead to lively discussion at our annual meetings."