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GCAA Announces NAIA PING Second- and Third-Team All-Americans


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


GCAA Announces NAIA PING Second- and Third-Team All-Americans


NORMAN, Okla. ? NAIA PING Second- and Third-Team All-America selections have been named by the Golf Coaches Association of America.  The previously-named first team consisted of Oklahoma Christian?s Bruno Buccolo, Sam Cyr of Point Loma Nazarene, Berry?s Samuel del Val and Jarod Trammell, Mitchell Evanecz  of Victoria, Oklahoma City?s Anthony Michael, Cory Renfrew and Blake Rowe-Sleeman of British Columbia, Johnson & Wales? Dave Tobon and Hamilton Wheeler of Southern Nazarene.


Ten players comprise the second team ? Rhein Gibson and Fernando Gonzales of Oklahoma Christian, Oklahoma City?s Stafford Gray and Julian Valenciana, Mitch Hendon of Texas Wesleyan, Point Loma Nazarene?s Brandon Kelly, Michael Loppnow and Kevin Stinson of Wayland Baptist, British Columbia?s David Stewart and David Vanegas of Johnson & Wales.


The third team includes Lucas Bogdan of Northwood, Wayland Baptist?s Jeff Dagg and Brent Kerstein, Kyle Gray of Lindenwood, Victoria?s Steven Lane, Justin Lower and Ben Smith of Malone, Southwestern?s Tyler Lytton and Kenneth Wright, Andrew Robb of British Columbia, Campbellsville?s Scott Webb, Adam White of Saint Ambrose, Thomas?s Lance Williams and Nick Zappin of Johnson & Wales.


NAIA PING First-Team All-Americans

Bruno Buccolo, Oklahoma Christian

Sam Cyr, Point Loma Nazarene

Samuel del Val, Berry


Mitchell Evanecz, Victoria

Anthony Michael, Oklahoma City

Cory Renfrew, British Columbia

Blake Rowe-Sleeman, British Columbia

Dave Tobon, Johnson & Wales

Jarod Trammell, Berry

Hamilton Wheeler, Southern Nazarene


NAIA PING Second-Team All-Americans

Rhein Gibson, Oklahoma Christian

Fernando Gonzales, Oklahoma Christian

Stafford Gray, Oklahoma City

Mitch Hendon, Texas Wesleyan

Brandon Kelley, Point Loma Nazarene

MIchael Loppnow, Wayland Baptist

David Stewart, British Columbia

Kevin Stinson, Wayland Baptist

Julian Valenciana, Oklahoma City

David Vanegas, Johnson & Wales


NAIA PING Third-Team All-Americans

Lucas Bogdan, Northwood

Jeff Dagg, Wayland Baptist

Kyle Gray, Lindenwood

Brent Kerstein, Wayland Baptist

Steven Lane, Victoria

Justin Lower, Malone

Tyler Lytton, Southwestern

Andrew Robb, British Columbia

Ben Smith, Malone

Scott Webb, Campbellsville

Adam White, Saint Ambrose

Lance Williams, Thomas

Kenneth Wright, Southwestern

Nick Zappin, Johnson & Wales