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2023 NAIA PING All-America Teams Finalized

NORMAN, Okla. – The second and third 2023 NAIA PING All-America Teams have been announced by the GCAA. Easton Johnson of The Master’s, George Langham of Coastal Georgia, Trevor Lewis of Embry-Riddle (AZ), Rodrigo Navarrete of Bellevue, Ivan Ninkovic of Lindsey Wilson, Gavin Noble of Dalton State, Hugo Ronnberg of Bellevue, Matthew Soucinek of Southeastern (FL), Cole Stevens of Point, and Jakob Stavang Stubhaug and Isac Wallin of Keiser were previously named to the first team.

Robin Conlan of Victoria-BC, Jack Dudeck of The Master’s, Steve Kibare of Dalton State, Leandro Mihaich of Oklahoma City, Thacher Neal of Coastal Georgia, Sebastian Sandin of Lindsey Wilson, Aidan Schumer of British Columbia, Dylan Teeter of Oklahoma City, Jacob Thomas of South Carolina Beaufort, and Colby Watkins of OUAZ comprised the second team.

Third-team honorees included Wilhelm Ahlgren of Keiser, Florian Benner of Keiser, Janik Hawlitzky of Lindsey Wilson, Javan Johnson of Taylor, JP Kahlert of British Columbia, Hudson LaFayette of British Columbia, Benjamin Lubker of Wayland Baptist, Jack Ross of OUAZ, Noah Ross of Taylor, Zach Ryujin of Victoria-BC, Rio Saigal of Lindsey Wilson, Peyton Shedd of Truett McConnell, Jackson Stone of Truett McConnell, Spencer Tucker of William Penn, Jørgen Viken of Lewis-Clark State, and Callum Waugh of Lindsey Wilson.

NAIA PING All-America Teams

First Team

Easton Johnson, The Master’s

George Langham, Coastal Georgia

Trevor Lewis, Embry-Riddle (AZ)

Rodrigo Navarrete, Bellevue

Ivan Ninkovic, Lindsey Wilson

Gavin Noble, Dalton State

Hugo Ronnberg, Bellevue

Matthew Soucinek, Southeastern (FL)

Cole Stevens, Point

Jakob Stavang Stubhaug, Keiser

Isac Wallin, Keiser

Second Team

Robin Conlan, Victoria-BC

Jack Dudeck, The Master’s

Steve Kibare, Dalton State 

Leandro Mihaich, Oklahoma City

Thacher Neal, Coastal Georgia

Sebastian Sandin, Lindsey Wilson

Aidan Schumer, British Columbia

Dylan Teeter, Oklahoma City

Jacob Thomas, South Carolina Beaufort

Colby Watkins, OUAZ

Third Team

Wilhelm Ahlgren, Keiser

Florian Benner, Keiser

Janik Hawlitzky, Lindsey Wilson

Javan Johnson, Taylor

John Paul Kahlert, British Columbia

Hudson LaFayette, British Columbia

Benjamin Lubker, Wayland Baptist

Jack Ross, OUAZ

Noah Ross, Taylor

Zach Ryujin, Victoria-BC

Rio Saigal, Lindsey Wilson

Peyton Shedd, Truett McConnell

Jackson Stone, Truett McConnell

Spencer Tucker, William Penn

Jørgen Viken, Lewis-Clark State 

Callum Waugh, Lindsey Wilson