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GCAA President Hankins Named Assistant to the Director of Athletics

Iowa's Mark Hankins, who ascended to the GCAA presidency on July 1, has accepted a position as the school's Assistant to the Director of Athletics Tuesday, August 5, and resigned from the Association's National Advisory Board (NAB). Per GCAA by-law V-2-B Conrad Ray of Stanford has advanced by automatic succession to the office of GCAA President. NAB members Andrew Sapp of North Carolina and Texas Tech's Greg Sands have moved to the offices of First and Second Vice-President, respectively, per the same by-law. Within the next 30 days the NAB will appoint a Third Vice-President to serve through June 30, 2015. A special election will be held during the business meeting at the upcoming GCAA National Convention to fulfill the remaining nine years of the vacant  term.

Follow the link below to the full story regarding Mark Hankins from the University of Iowa.