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GCAA Announces NJCAA Division I Ping All America and All District Teams

NEWTON, Kansas – PING All-America and All-District teams for NJCAA Division I were announced today by the GCAA. Alister Balcombe of Iowa Western CC, Eastern Arizona College’s Ryan Gaske, Zack Kirby of Dodge City CC, Eastern Florida State’s Kerry Sweeney and Midland College’s David Wicks made up the First Team.

Second Team selections are Wallace State CC’s Sylas Elliott, Elliott Fullalov of Western Texas College, Jakob Garstecki of Indian Hills CC, Odessa College’s Vetle Maroy and David Rauer of Pima CC.

Scott Bryan of Central Alabama CC, Trinidad State’s Jake Ice, Iowa Western CC’s Ross Martens, Luke Neeley of Odessa College and Hunter Shattuck of McLennan CC were named to the Honorable Mention team.

NJCAA Division I PING All-American Teams

First Team
Alister Balcombe – Iowa Western Community College
Ryan Gaske – Eastern Arizona College
Zach Kirby – Dodge City Community College
Vetle Maroy - Odessa College
Kerry Sweeney – Eastern Florida State
David Wicks – Midland College

Second Team
Sylas Elliott – Wallace State Community College
Elliott Fullalove – Western Texas College
Jakob Garstecki – Indian Hills Community College
Ross Martens - Iowa Western Community College
David Rauer – Pima Community College

Honorable Mention
Scott Bryan – Central Alabama Community College
Jake Ice – Trinidad State
Luke Neeley – Odessa College
Lewis Schenk - Hutchinson Community College
Hunter Shattuck – McLennan Community College

NJCAA Division I PING All-District Teams

District I
Nicholas Barney, Eastern Arizona College
Bryant Buckellew, Scottsdale Community College
Justin Carlock, Trinidad State Junior College
Will Dennis, Pima Community College
Ryan Gaske, Eastern Arizona College
Jake Ice, Trinidad State Junior College
Michael Lawson, Scottsdale Community College
Anthony Moncada, Pima Community College
David Rauer, Pima Community College
Frankie Wu, Pima Community College

District II
Jordan Ayre, New Mexico Junior College
Conner Bjugstad, Odessa College
Will Clark, Odessa College
Elliott Fullalove, Western Texas College
Vetle Maroy, Odessa College
Lucas McCubbin, Odessa College
Luke Neeley, Odessa College
Marty Sanchez, New Mexico Junior College
Hunter Shattuck, McLennan Community College
David Wicks, Midland College

District III
Alister Balcombe, Iowa Western Community College
Dylan Coffer, Dodge City Community College
Fraser Dawson, Hutchinson Community College
Jakob Garstecki, Indian Hills Community College
Andrew Huseman, Indian Hills Community College
Zach Kirby, Dodge City Community College
Dominic Lara, Hutchinson Community College
Ross Martens, Iowa Western Community College
Lewis Schenk, Hutchinson Community College
Skyler Tebo, Garden City Community College

District IV
Cooper Brown, Wallace State Community College
Scott Bryan, Central Alabama Community College
Michael DeMorat, Eastern Florida State
Zach Dittmer, Faulkner State Community College
Sylas Elliott, Wallace State Community College
Chase Humber, Central Alabama Community College
Eli Marty, Wallace State Community College
Bernie McShane, Spartanburg Methodist College
Kerry Sweeney, Eastern Florida State
Shane White, Faulkner State Community College