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Golf Q&A: Junior World Cup Team USA

Frankie Capan, Brandon Mancheno, Reese Ramsey and Travis Vick will represent the United States in the 2017 Junior World Cup, June 13-16 at Chukyo Golf Club's Ishino Course outside Nagoya, Japan.

Capan most recently won the U.S. Amateur Four Ball at Pinehurst Country Club, and he was a 2016 AJGA Rolex All-America Honorable Mention and he was named the 2016 Minnesota Junior Player of the Year.
The 2017 Florida Times-Union Player of the Year, Mancheno is also a two-time AJGA Rolex All-America Honorable Mention. He was the Florida State Golf Association Junior Player of the Year in 2015.

Ramsey is the number one ranked player in the state of Texas for the Class of 2017, and he was a 2016 AJGA Rolex All-America Honorable Mention. He was University Interscholastic League 6A All-District and Academic All-District.

Vick was named to the 2016 AJGA Rolex All-America Second Team and is ranked number one in the class of 2019 according to Junior Golf Scoreboard. He sits at number 10 overall in Junior Golf Scoreboard’s ranking and he was medalist at the 2016 U.S. Junior Amateur.

We talked to the guys about the upcoming tournament before they left for Japan.

1. What does being selected to represent the USA in this event mean to you?

Vick: Being selected to represent my country is one of the highest honors I can imagine. We are a very patriotic family, and I am very excited to be part of Team USA.

Mancheno: Being selected to represent the USA is a true honor! There is a large pool of talented golfers whom I've competed with/against and learned from. To have been chosen as one of the four to represent our country is a true blessing, totally surreal and humbling. I look forward to working with my teammates in representing the USA with honor and respect.

2. Have you ever represented the USA in another international event? If yes, where and in what event?

Capan: Yes, I have represented the USA in two other international events. Both times it was for the Nick Faldo Europe Grand Final. The first time (2015) was in Germany, and the past time (2016) was in London, England.

Vick: I represented the USA at the U.S. Kid World Cup when I was 12 years old.

3. Have you ever traveled overseas? If yes, where and for what reason?

Ramsey: In December of 2016, my family and I went on a fly-fishing trip to New Zealand.

4. What is the one things besides golf that you are most looking forward to on the trip?

Mancheno: I am really looking forward to experiencing the culture and learning about the country. Also, I look forward to meeting the contestants from around the world.

Capan: I am really looking forward to meeting new people and trying new foods while in Japan. I am also interested in learning more about the culture, while sharing time with some exceptional teammates.

5. With 13-15 other nations competing in the event, meeting young men and women from different parts of the world with different languages and cultures is certainly part of the experience. Do you speak any language other than English? Are you currently taking or have you taken any foreign language in school? Will you try to use another language to communicate?

Ramsey: I currently only speak English, but I took a few years of Latin in high school. I will try to learn a few Japanese words before I play the event.

Mancheno: I have taken Spanish in school; however, I understand it better than I speak it. I will try to make use of it in communicating with others.

6. What do you see as the strength of your golf game?

Vick: The strengths of my game are probably my demeanor and my long game. I am fairly steady emotionally, and I try to use the drive to my advantage.

Capan: I would consider my short game and mental game to be strengths in my golf game. Since a young age, my chipping and putting have always been a strong suit, and my mental ability is something I can always lean on when faced with adversity.

7. Do you have any preshot or pretournament rituals or superstitions?

Capan: I have the same preshot routine for every shot. I take three practice swings behind the ball then stand directly behind my ball and target. I close my eyes and visualize my shot shape and trajectory in my mind, then open my eyes, step up to the ball and just try to accomplish what I have already done in my brain. I do not have any superstitions, however.

Mancheno: I do not have any preshot, pretournament rituals or superstitions. I just play accepting the outcomes and challenges I'm confronted with.

8. Of all the courses you have played, which is your favorite and why?

Mancheno: Of all the courses I have played, Sage Valley is my favorite. The layout, elevation changes and super conditions have made it one of the most challenging and rewarding courses to play. Also, the host of the Sage Valley Invitational and staff are the most courteous, giving and caring people I have had the privilege of being with.

Ramsey: My favorite course is Wannamoisett Country Club in Rumford, Rhode Island. This golf course was the best layout I have played. It has a great mix of short and long holes as well as a cool par 6.

9. Who is your favorite player on the PGA Tour today and why?

Capan: Although he is not technically playing on the PGA Tour right now, my favorite player is Tiger Woods. Ever since I have been young, I love watching Tiger on the golf course. I respect his work ethic and discipline to stick to his game plan.

Ramsey: My favorite player on the PGA Tour is Justin Thomas because he represents the up and coming players. He brings a different swing, mindset and attitude to the game.