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NJCAA Division I PING All-America Teams Announced

NORMAN, Okla. – PING All-America and All-District teams for NJCAA Division I were announced today by the GCAA. Eastern Arizona’s Leon Acikalin, Callum Bruce of Midland, Hutchinson’s Charlie Crockett, Mark Foelbaek of Ranger, and Central Alabama’s Caleb O’Toole comprised the First Team.

Second Team selections are Beck Fox of Eastern Florida State, Dodge City’s Saksit Jairak, McLennan’s Mathias Lorentzen, New Mexico JC’s Andrew Ni, and Harry Walch of Eastern Wyoming.

Eastern Wyoming’s George Elliott, Calhoun’s Mac and Sam Murphy, Midland College’s George Saunders, and Iowa Western’s Tom Westenberger were named to the Honorable Mention team.

The individual medalist at this week’s National Championship will also be named to the First Team if not already a part of the team. A top-five finisher at this week’s championship will be administratively added to the Honorable Mention team if not already a part of the All-America Team.

NJCAA Division I PING All-America Teams

First Team
Leon Acikalin, Eastern Arizona
Callum Bruce, Midland College
Charlie Crockett, Hutchinson
Mark Foelbaek, Ranger
Caleb O’Toole, Central Alabama

Second Team
Beck Fox, Eastern Florida State
Saksit Jairak, Dodge City Mac
Mathias Lorentzen, McLennan
Andrew Ni, New Mexico JC
Harry Walch, Eastern Wyoming

Honorable Mention
Owen Burt, Central Alabama
George Clarke, Indian Hills
George Elliott, Eastern Wyoming
Sam Murphy, Calhoun
Jack Poole, Central Alabama
George Saunders, Midland College
Tom Westenberger, Iowa Western

NJCAA Division I PING All-District Teams

District I

Leon Acikalin, Eastern Arizona
Gonzalo Arcelay Fernandez-Meras, Eastern Wyoming
Beau Coenraad, Eastern Arizona
George Elliott, Eastern Wyoming
Cameron Lampe, McCook
RJ Moya, Eastern Wyoming
Ronnie Quick, McCook
David Ross, Eastern Arizona
JoVin Tan, Eastern Wyoming
Harry Walch, Eaastern Wyoming

District II

Callum Bruce, Midland
Max Charles, Midland
Mark Foelbaek, Ranger
Julius Kreutzer, New Mexico JC
Mathias Lorentzen, McLennan
Andrew Ni, New Mexico JC
George Saunders, Midland
Brandon Shong, Ranger
Tripp Wallace, Odessa
Michael Weppernig, Western Texas

District III

Peyton Austin, Hutchinson
George Clarke, Indian Hills
Charlie Crockett, Hutchinson
Harry Doig, Indian Hills
Charlie Herbert, Hutchinson
Saksit Jairak, Dodge City
Max Lecerc, Indian Hills
Nathan McCulloch, Hutchinson
Daniel Taggert, Dodge City
Tom Westenberger, Iowa Western

District IV

Connor Bruce, Wallace State
Beck Fox, Eastern Florida State
Rasmus Konradsson, Andrew
Reed Love, Central Alabama
Thomas Matthews, Eastern Florida State
Justin Morgan, Cape Fear
Mac Murphy, Calhoun
Sam Murphy, Calhoun
Caleb O’Toole, Central Alabama
Matthew Smith, Wallace State

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